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Training Terms & Conditions

Training Courses

  1. All our prices advertised are subject to change at any time. Any previously advertised price either printed or found on the internet will cease to be valid. The price quoted at time of contact with us either by email, phone or personal visit is only available for a maximum of 7 days and must be in writing from ourselves. 

  2. Full payment for your course must be made at time of purchase and is non-refundable.

  3. If you do not receive any expected emails, please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can ensure all the correct details for you are on file, and try to resend anything you need with enough time prior to your course. 

  4. Please ensure we have the correct spelling of your name for your certificate. 

  5. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct prerequisite qualifications and by purchasing this course you are confirming you have one of the prerequisite qualifications.

  6. Please ensure you have made your own checks with regards to your local bye laws and insurance costs. Some insurers may require certain prerequisites prior to insuring your business. 

  7. You have unlimited support available post training. Some courses need plenty of practice after your course to perfect and refine your skills. No refunds are available due to your inability to perform the treatment or change in your circumstances or the course not meeting your own personal expectations. Everyone has differing learning abilities, it is up to you to inform your tutor at the time of any additional support you may need or of any changes you wish to see on the course to suit your expectations. We offer post training support and advice. It is our best interest to work with you until you are happy with your new-found skills.

  8. Please advise the company of any Disabilities or Additional Learning Requirements you may have prior to your course. This is to allow us to assist you in your chosen subject. 

  9. We reserve the right to cancel, re-schedule or vary any course or part of a course due to insufficient numbers, reasons beyond control or changes in regulations. 

  10. Where Amy Wardman cancels a training course we will not be held liable for transportation, accommodation, loss of earnings or any other associated costs. 

  11. On occasion we may reduce course prices last minute to build up numbers instead of cancelling the course. On these occasions you will not be eligible for these special offer prices. Similarly, if you have paid an early bird booking price, we would not charge you more if we sell the other places at full price. From time to time we run special promotional offers. These are only valid for customers at that time and are time and quantity limited and cannot be backdated. 

  12. Whilst delegates are on the premises they are obliged to abide by all Health and Safety policies that are in place. Where a delegate is disruptive to other delegates, breaches health and safety guidelines or appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or endangers themselves or others, we reserve the right to ask that candidate to leave the premises. Candidates that are asked to leave the course for the above reasons will not be entitled to a refund. 

  13. Amy Wardman does not accept responsibility or any liability for delegate’s belongings whilst they are on site. This includes personal equipment and vehicles which are brought onto the premises are left entirely at the owner’s risk. 

  14. Tutors reserve the right to ask students to complete a written, oral exam and/or case studies. This is at their discretion and to keep standards high. If students would like refresher sessions or one to one additional training this will be charged at £50 per hour with a minimum of a two-hour booking required. 

  15. Certificates can be replaced. There is a fee of £25 per certificate to cover the cost of reprinting, postage and searching for the student database for information. Payment is made at the time of ordering your certificate. 

  16. As part our service to provide excellent customer service we operate an equal opportunities policy. Students will not experience discrimination on any counts. Amy Wardman will not tolerate abuse Physical or verbal abuse to any trainer at any time. Nor will we tolerate any sexism, ageism or racism or any type of discrimination of any sorts. Bearing this in mind students need to be aware that both males and females book on these courses and we will pair you up accordingly to practice on. So you may be working on someone of the opposite sex. Deciding NOT to carry on with the day if you do not wish to work on any other student will result in your loss of fee. 

  17. Amy Wardman operates a non-smoking policy. 

  18. Children are not allowed at the training venues. 

  19. We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. Full information regarding how we use your data will be provided upon request. 

  20. Complaints in the first instance should be made to the tutor, lecturer or person in charge. If you are unhappy with the outcome then it will be taken up as per the company complaints procedure for delegates, which is available upon request. Awarding bodies will not accept complaints directly unless you have followed this process. 

  21. Attendance by a delegate onto a training course, even with a formal qualification certificate on completion, does not provide any guarantee of workmanship, performance, quality or status of the delegate during future endeavors. 

  22. All intellectual property rights remain the property of Amy Wardman and any copies made of course materials, booklets or training aids will be an infringement of copyright unless agreed in writing by Amy Wardman. 

  23. Delegates must not contact our Trainers or staff personally either by personal phones, home addresses, e-mails or social network sites. However our staff can be contacted via our business emails. 

  24. Post training support is available between Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm. There is limited support available over the weekends and evenings, however we will try to assist where possible. 

Sales of Goods

  1. By purchase of the course you are understanding this includes the machine cost which is included in the course price and you are agreeing to the following:

  2. Amy Wardman is not a wholesale, manufacturer or supplier of machine/kit.

  3. Amy Wardman orders direct from manufacturer for you, the buyer and delivery is made direct to you.

  4. All costs are included in the price of the course including, course cost, machine cost, and additional costs of time to reflect the course content, process, research and dealing with manufacturer.

  5. Upon receipt of machine/kit, it becomes soley your responsibility.

  6. All kits/machines will not be handed over or delivered until full payment has been received. Once payment has been received your kit/machine will be ordered. Please be advised that kits/machines may take up to six weeks to be delivered. 

  7.  We have a no refund policy.

  8. Warranty of the machine is decided by the manufacturer and will be stated to you upon purchase.

  9. Warranty of the machine and the inclusion of warranty is decided by the manufacturer and not Amy Wardman.

  10. Amy Wardman cannot guarantee the warranty and inclusion of the warranty of the machine.

  11. Once purchased it is the responsibilty of you, the persons buying the machine included in the course cost to use the machine as instructed by manufactuerers guidelines.

  12. Amy Wardman orders direct from manufacturer and delivery is made straight to you, the buyers address.

  13. Amy Wardman is not responsible, liable, to be held to the condition of the machine/kit upon delivery.

  14. Amy Wardman is not responsible, liable, to be held to the working of, state of, warranty of, insurance of the machine/kit.

  15. Once payment has been made and machine/kit ordered, you, the buyer, are agreeing to full acceptance and responsibility of the machine from the date of delivery and thereafter.

  16. From date of delivery and thereafter the machine/kit is soley the responsibilty of you the buyer of the machine included in the course and any damages, services, warranty needs are to be sorted and solved by you, the buyer of the course including machine purchase.

  17. Amy Wardman has no responsibility what so ever of the machine/kit upon date of delivery to the buyer and thereafter.

  18. The buyer will receive manufacturers details and information and the buyer will deal direct with the manufacturer should they need assistance with warranty claims, issues, spares, repairs of the machine/kit.

  19. We hold no responsibility for loss of business whatsoever due to delay in delivery of your machine/kit or when your machine is in for service or repair.

  20. Kit contents are subject to change without notice and contents may vary. You will however still receive items equivalent to the original price & Kit. 

  21. Neither party shall be in default if by reason of any delay in the performance of or failure to perform any of its obligations hereunder if such delay or failure is caused solely by strikes acts of God or the public enemy riots incendiaries interference by civil or military authorities compliance with governmental laws rules and regulations delays in transit or delivery inability to secure necessary governmental priorities for materials or any fault beyond its control or without its fault or negligence. Should Force Majeure subsist for a period greater than 3 months either party shall have the right to terminate the Services. 

  22. This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted by the Laws of England regardless of the place of execution or the place of performance and the parties hereto submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. 

  23. Amy Wardman hold no responsibility for misuse of equipment or products and cannot be held responsible for any claims personally brought against you. The Customer shall hereby indemnify Amy Wardman against any loss or damage claimed against Amy Wardman by any third party 

  24. Amy Wardman shall not be liable for any consequential losses (which, for the avoidance of doubt, shall in this Agreement include loss of profits) howsoever caused. 

  25.  All warranties and conditions implied by statute, common law or otherwise are hereby excluded to the extent that the law permits. For the avoidance of doubt Amy Wardman in particular gives no warranty that the Product conforms to any specification or is fit for any specific purpose. 

  26. Amy Wardman shall have no liability whatsoever to the Customer in relation to any defects in the Product, or in any components, spares or accessories, and in particular Amy Wardman will not be liable for the return of the Contract Price, for any costs incurred for the shipment of defective components or for any consequential losses (including loss of profit). 

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