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How it Works: Services

Ultrasound Cavitation

Dissolves Fat Cells

Ultrasound cavitation produces ultrasonic waves. 
When placed on the skin, ultrasonic waves penertrate to the fatty layer, where fat cells live.
The fat cells cannot withstand the pressure from the ultrasonic waves and burst.
The fat cell liquid is flushed out naturally via the lymphatic system, a flow that removes toxins as it moves around the body.

Vacuum Therapy

Extracts Fat Cells | Allows Deeper Penetration of Radio Frequency

Vacuum therapy has 2 functions.
Extracts dissolved fat cells and speeds up process to flush out the liquid, moves to lymphatic system.
Helps radio frequency penetrate deeper, which produces more heat in the dermal layer, which produces more collagen molecules thus more collagen is produced. 
Vacuum suction is perfomed via a device head and is gentle to the skin.

Radio Frequency

Firms Skin by Inducing Collagen Production


Collagen keeps the skin firm and plump, when collagen decreases, the skin sags causing wrinkles and loose skin.

Radio frequency is an electromagnetic energy.

When applied to skin tissue, it penetrates down to the dermal layer of the skin. Here it causes oscilation (movement back and forth) of collagen molecules.

When heat accumulates in the dermal layer, existing collagen molecules shrink, at the same time, fibroblasts; responsible for producing collagen, produce new collagen molecules in abundance.

The skin has a new increase of collagen, resulting in firmer, tighter skin. 


Tones Muscles

Microcurrent is a low current.
It uses tiny electrical pulses which run over the muscles, contracting, shortening and lengtheing the targeted muscles. This in turn tones the muscles, similar principle to weightlifting.

How it Works: Services

LED Light Therapy

Improves Skin Tone

LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that enters the skin’s layers to improve the skin.
LED light therapy uses various wavelengths that correspond to different visible colors. Each color penetrates the skin at different depths.
Different LED colours promote different health benefits to the skin.

How it Works: Services
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